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Caravan Decking

Enhance your outdoor space – enjoy a leisure deck lifestyle!

Whether it’s a caravan or lodge, we have a deck that will complement the style. Our system is available in a choice of contempory colours which you can mix & match to create your own co-ordinated design. They are relatively maintenance free solution to your outdoor living needs. Our decks are manufactured with anti slip tread for additional safety.

For holiday homes with coloured PVC windows, SCS offers a choice of three standard foils; Forest Green, Rosewood or Golden Oak & a further 15 as specials for the Balustrading – each using the same foil that is used on the windows therefore providing the perfect colour match.

Our decking system has been designed with great attention to detail to ensure the highest levels of quality from its manufacture, all the way through to installation by our teams of installers.

Sub Frames, deck boards
Our galvanised steel sub frame creates the ideal foundation on which to build your deck. By reinforcing the posts & balustrades with steel, there is no timber to create a fire risk or to rot in damp conditions.

The steel sub frame is simplicity itself. It consists of just two components – steel I beam & its connector. The sub frame is easily connected into a grid pattern & then the deck boards are secured directly onto the steel joists.

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Steel Sub Frame

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