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Caravan Flooring


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Carpet offers warmth, comfort and a wide range of colours and designs for the floor. They are gentle on the feet and if maintained properly can be durable and provide years of good service. While not ideal for every room in the house, they are particularly suited to cosy environments like bedrooms. Carpets help to insulate rooms, providing extra warmth while muffling sound. Choose the surface texture, or 'pile' depending on the amount of traffic a room receives. Busy rooms need a hardwearing surface texture, whereas rooms with less traffic will easily accommodate a plush look.


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  Vinyl Flooring  
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Available in tiles or sheets, vinyl comes in a huge variety of patterns and colours and can be designed to resemble other materials, such as wood, marble, stone and metal, all for a fraction of the cost.

For extra comfort, choose cushioned vinyl as this is soft and comfortable to walk on.


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There's never been more choice when it comes to laminate flooring. The latest looks incorporate textured finishes or bevelled edges that are virtually identical to solid wood. For convenience, choose glueless laminate. The finish and appeal of real wood, merged with the resilience of a laminate floor features a hard and durable top-layer finish, which is also scratch resistant.
Designs feature a woodgrain textured surface and four sided bevelled edge. Stain resistant, laminate will not fade in strong sunlight.
Laminate is a flooring material specifically designed for high traffic areas, making it ideal for every room in the house. While laminate flooring is moisture resistant, you will need to choose a specially designed water-resistant laminate if using in a kitchen or bathroom area.
All fitting on carpets, laminate and vinyl floors comes with a free 2 year guarantee. Our professional fitters are the best in our business and work with as little disruption to your holiday as possible.

There are no additional delivery costs to pay if you choose to have your new carpet ordered & fitted by our team of experts.
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